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3-Day Wellhub World
Energy Healing Conference

15-17 September 2023   
The Bristol Hotel   |   Bristol UK

Try Before you Buy.

This 3-day conference is designed for you to experience the technologies that you’re curious about. Rife technology, Scalar, Terahertz therapy, PEMF, Microgen, and much more. All in one hands-on location.

Don’t miss this science based immersive healing experience. Our featured speakers Lindy Strong and Dr. Stephanie Thomas share their journeys in healing. They will

  • Help you understand and experience the science of frequency technologies

  • Explain how energy functions in the body 

  • Facilitate meditations for the tools we give you

  • Inspire you to be master of your own health

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Join us in Bristol

The Bristol Hotel, Prince St, Bristol BS1 4QF, UK

Arrange your stay at The Bristol Hotel. Mention the "Rife & Energy Conference" to receive a discounted rate. See the FAQs section for hotel contact info.

Miracle Price copy.png
Event Price

The event is priced at £528 to match the "Miracle Frequency" of 528Hz.


We're thrilled to announce that we've added new ticket options! You can now purchase a ticket for one or two days.


The purpose of the Technology Suite is for each delegate to have the opportunity to interact with each piece of equipment, for multiple 10-minute sessions, throughout the  3-day conference.


Included with the price is a daily buffet lunch and refreshments,  multiple presentations by the two speakers, access to the technology suite, guided meditations, and much more.  

  • What is included with my ticket purchase?
    Daily buffet lunch and all-day refreshments Access to the technology suite throughout the conference Mini-sessions with each piece of equipment Multiple presentations by the two main speakers over 3 days Mini Synergistic Oil Rebalance Sessions Multiple guided meditations to empower an autonomous health mindset Sound Bath Reduced rates for accommodation at the Bristol Hotel Frequency Technology Consultants available to answer all your questions
  • How do I contact the hotel?
    Arrange your stay at the Bristol Hotel and mention the “Rife & Energy Conference” to receive a discounted rate. The Bristol Hotel enjoys a beautiful waterfront location in the heart of Bristol. Address: Prince Street, Bristol, BS1 4 QF Phone: +44 117 923 0333 Email: Website:
  • Submitting an International Payment? Please Read This Important Notice
    If you are paying internationally, one common reason your booking payment may be declined is that a sudden international transaction may seem suspicious to your bank. Wellhub World recognizes a declined international transaction may present a hassle and concern for you when booking. In an effort to minimize this issue we strongly suggest you notify your bank prior to booking with us. In the event payment is declined contact your bank immediately, even if you do not receive any notification from them.
  • What are the dates and times for the event?
    The event begins in the The Bristol Hotel on Friday, 15 September at 9:00am, and ends on Sunday, 17 September at 4:00pm. FRIDAY 9.00am – 6.30pm Subjects covered: Understanding Cellular Health. The physiology of Electricity. All the Technologies and how they work. Q&A’s. With sound bath as the last session Saturday 9.00am – 6.30pm Subjects covered: Internal Energy and Physical Health. Clearing Energy Pathways. Somatic Detox . Q&A’s With a guided meditation as the last session Sunday 9.00am – 4.30pm Subjects covered: The Mind Body Connection. How to listen to your body. Your next steps for fullest health. Q&A’s With a quantum field exercise to engage new goals as the closing session.
  • What is the Technology Suite and it's Purpose?
    The Technology Suite is a try-before-you-buy experience offering individual mini-sessions with the multiple technologies included in our WellhubWorld-At-Home Program. The purpose of the Technology Suite is for each delegate to have the opportunity to interact with each piece of equipment, for multiple 10-minute sessions, throughout the 3-day conference.
  • What technologies will be available to sample?
    The technologies that will be available to sample include the GB 4000 Rife Machine, 6 Microgens programmed to different customized settings, 2 BEMER Mats with attachments (PEMF), 3 Scalar Wave Technology stations, 5 Terahertz Therapy devices and mini-Synergistic Oil Rebalance sessions.
  • Who are the main speakers?
    Lindy Strong is a three-time cancer hero. For her second and third cancer journey, she has used all of the technologies and most of the supplements available in the suite to assist her recoveries. Her primary objective is to encourage, equip and empower others to walk in autonomy over their own health by providing information and technology support. She runs a UK centre with these technologies. Dr Stephanie Thomas is an Integrative Medicine Public Health Official. Her experience spans practice in the Public Health, Psychiatric and Mental Health sectors. She leads an organization called Zoe-Life, that is based in both South Africa and the UK.
  • What are the speakers’ main topics of focus?
    Here is a list of some of the topics to be presented by the speakers: Understanding Cellular Health The Physiology of Electricity Understanding the Technologies Internal Energy and Physical Health Mind Body Connection How to listen to your body Attaining Health Autonomy
  • Will there be any information available around supplements, to purchase?
    Supplements/products available for purchase include: Dr Stephanie’s Rhizo Health products and her Freedom Flowers flower essences, LifeWave Patches, ASEA, Crystals from Sugary Cove Crystals and Global Leader natural supplements from the Philippines.
  • Will There be Guided Meditations?
    All the tools that are delivered as information will be activated through Meditation. Some of those meditations will be: Exploring the roots of your health issues Eradicating negative internal dialogue Toxic energy release Chakra/gateway cleansing Memory release and goal setting to achieve your best
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