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Choose between Friday the 24th or Saturday the 25th of November 2023
Rove Hotel Downtown Dubai


Our Exclusive Energy-driven Health and Wellness through Frequency Symposium in Dubai.

Discover a world of transformation and embark on a journey toward
optimal health, wellness, and uncharted personal growth with
Quantefrē’s extraordinary one-day symposium in the heart of Dubai.

Event Highlights.

Who is this event for?

Choose your preferred day and book online.

What you can expect.

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A brief Summary

This symposium will show you how to empower yourself to reach your full potential by exploring the physics that can optimise the pure energy our bodies store. We will deliver tools and techniques that can modify a person's cell voltage to improve physical and mental performance.


Who is this for

Designed for CEOs, C-suite, Senior Management, health enthusiasts, and individuals eager to redefine their lives or those of their teams, this event promises to ignite a spark of inspiration and empower you to become the best version of yourself.

Dates:   Choose between either: 

  • Friday the 24th of November or


  • Saturday the 25th of November.


(The content will be the same on each day)


Time:    10am to 4pm. Lunch is included.

Location:  Rove Hotel, Downtown, Dubai, UAE

Price:    Approx AED 675 (£150) per person (note symposium costs are paid in GBP)

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Cutting-Edge Insights

Hear the remarkable story of Lindy Strong, a 3-time cancer champion. Learn her methodology and insights that will form the future of health and wellness as she unveils technological advancements and wellness solutions that saw her successes and are reshaping the landscape. 


You can expect to leave the 1 day symposium with:


  1. An understanding of the electric body and its connection with the biological body.

  2. Insights on how to transition your thinking from PH to thinking Voltage.

  3. The ability to feel the energy in your cells.

  4. Practices to increase cellular electricity. 

  5. Examples of how to feel and see the mind-body connection.

  6. Methods to allow your body to speak to you through muscle testing.

  7. Ways to optimise what you put into your body.

  8. An overarching knowledge of the science behind rife technology.

  9. Information on an entry-level rife technology (The Microgen), e.g. Where to source it, How to program it and How to know what to program.

  10. A completed energy health audit to uncover your personal heath dangers and some practical free solutions.

And below are a few more details:

Unlocking Quantum Energy

Explore the fascinating realm of quantum energy and learn how it can revolutionise your approach to healing and rejuvenation. Understand the power of energy and how it can positively impact your overall health.

Path to Self-Healing

Witness a unique six-step approach, including pathogen devitalisation, detox, and cell revitalisation, all crafted to unleash your body's extraordinary ability to heal itself. Take charge of your health journey like never before.

Expert Guidance

Hear about how you can engage with leading health professionals, thought leaders, or even Lindy herself, who will inspire you to proactively take control of your well-being. Their expertise will empower you to experience life in ways you never imagined.


Inner Transformation

Discover the significance of emotional detox and internal energy rebalancing. Learn how to eliminate past limitations and reset your life toward a future filled with unprecedented possibilities.


Personalised Energy Coaching

Find out more about coaching where you can connect with our experts and explore opportunities for personalised energy coaching or sign up for our exclusive corporate retreats, aimed at optimising the health and performance of you and/or your team.

Join us for a day of enlightenment, motivation, and unparalleled experiences at Quantefrē's event in Dubai.

Seize this chance to redefine your life and start living the extraordinary life you never thought possible.

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