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Corporate Training

Changing the Workplace Culture & Equipping Your Team for Personal Growth

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We offer 5 Development Days


Cultural Detox Day

Delivering tools to help retrain & rewire thinking and attitudes, producing a change in culture resulting in a happier workplace resulting in improvements in productivity.

Expected Outcomes

  • Creating awareness of toxic culture with tools and strategies for change

  • Awareness of personal toxic triggers, how they play out and how one can change outcomes

  • Team members ‘buy-in’ to cultivate a positive environment

  • Self-responsibility for attitudes and behaviour

  • Initiating changes to personal thinking, utilising tools provided to cultivate positivity in self and the workplace

  • Detoxing the culture will result in a happier team, improve mental and physical health.


Identity Detox Day

Recognising the life situations and circumstances that have created unconscious limitations and impacted self-belief. Empowering personal identity will foster the realisation of personal potential resulting in Corporate empowerment of individuals and teams.


Expected Outcomes

  • Re-evaluating past perceived failures that have limited thinking to expand past them.

  • Unpacking situations that have eradicated self-confidence to build inner strength.

  • Utilising tools delivered will remove ceilings in thinking and potential.

  • Recognising true self, and ability through new eyes will empower and motivate.

  • Realising each of us is wired uniquely and embracing your wiring will liberate you to the next level.


Internal Energy Detox Day

Recognising the dialogue of the inner critic which is undermining potential and limiting productivity. Helping your team recognise the dialogue of the inner critic which is undermining their potential and limiting their productivity.

Expected Outcomes

  • Eradicating internal toxic triggers will make a happier and harmonious team member. This will change the interactions they have with others.

  • Silencing the inner critic will maximise potential and increase productivity. Dealing with internal toxic energy increases physical health leading to less absenteeism.

  • Changing the voice to that of the inner coach promotes mental health and wellbeing.

  • Managers identify how to manage their internal energy, will result in less conflict, improve productivity, and inter-company relationships resulting in a more productive workforce.


Energy Audit Day

Discovering where and how energy is spent, where it is being sapped or wasted and how this can be changed to maximise potential.

Expected Outcomes

  • Recognising energy is limited, and evaluating how energy is spent.

  • Re-evaluating how refocusing energy will change productivity.

  • Recognising draining workplace relationships and working with tools to eradicate their impact, to change interpersonal interactions.

  • Identify the things we love to do and exploring how to use them to create extra energy.

  • Working through “the wheel of rest” to help staff identify how their energy is replenished.

  • Balancing energy lifestyle for health and mental wellbeing.


Envisioning Day

At the start of a new project or new year, it’s good to begin with a fresh slate. Removing any sense of failure or underachievement in the past project will open the way to embrace the challenges of the new project. Changing perceptions to open up new vision and strategy.

Expected Outcomes

  • Reframing past perceived failures as a valuable resource for creating potential and rethinking past underachievement to find strategies for future success.

  • Utilising tools that minimise the fear of failure to allow next-level achievement.

  • Goal setting that takes into account lessons learned and motivated thinking for the future.

  • Turning every negative of a past project into a golden opportunity for success with tools of how to deal with possible setbacks on the journey to keep delivering on time and on budget.


Corporate Training Pricing

$15,000.00 per day. Discounts available for consecutive day bookings. See packages below.

Build Your Own Package
  • Two Consecutive Days
    @ 5% discount  $28,500.00

  • Three Consecutive Days
    @ 7.5% discount  $41,625.00

  • Four Consecutive days
    @ 10% discount. $54,000.00

For more information or to book contact Lindy Strong:

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