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Quantefrē Coaching Options

Quantefrē Coaching has been developed by Lindy Strong, a 3 Times cancer champion who is currently reversing a terminal diagnosis with her quantum techniques and technologies. 


Quantum in nature emphasises a holistic approach to personal and professional development taking into account the interconnectedness of one's life including physical, mental, emotional and energetic dimensions.  


It brings together an array of coaching techniques and technologies that will help clear your thinking, energise your body and bring the total being into sharper perspective. The frequencies will rebalance energy in your body to deliver a healthier, happier and more crisp-focused you. 

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Why coach with me?

The four staple personal needs that empower us all to achieve success and attain our highest potential:

  1. Physical Health

  2. Emotional Well-being

  3. Mental Clarity

  4. Significance


I have learnt how to maximise these and these subjects will be addressed first and foremost in our coaching sessions.

What does this coaching do?

Part of my coaching system uses the elements in this coaching wheel to:

  1. Encourage greater self-awareness, helping you gain insights into your thought patterns, emotions and behaviours allowing you to harness them for success.  

  2. Understand yourself and unlock keys that will show you how to work more efficiently with your colleagues, especially those you find challenging.

  3. Assist in setting and achieving goals.

  4. Help manage stress, improve emotional resilience and experience greater inner peace.

  5. Provide new perspectives and approaches to problem-solving.

  6. Rebalance the energy in your body to enhance performance with no effort from you.

  7. Improve mental clarity , stamina and overall health through remote detoxing.

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What to Expect: 


50-minute Zoom Quantefrē Coaching session:  


The Quantum Field is an energy field where all information is accessible. This Coaching trains you to access the quantum field for solutions and to open neural pathways to uncover personal insights. Eradicating subconscious limitations and blockage will help you achieve goals.  Quantum field practices will bring brain and heart coherence resulting in inner peace. Quantefre Coaching will not only improve your business but also improve your health, family life and your well-being.  It is a truly holistic coaching package.


Remote Quantum Biofeedback Session:


These sessions utilise a specialist device to analyse and rebalance the body's energy using sophisticated software algorithms and biofeedback measurement.  This technology uses spectral voice analysis and energetic picture analysis to measure energetic imbalances in the body.  By generating square wave and sine wave tones specific to your body's needs, the signal will trigger the body's own healing mechanism to activate.  Using the Schuman Wave field as a carrier wave, this technology can rebalance the body remotely.  We will coach you through these findings and help you work smarter with your internal energy.


Remote Systemic Detox:  


Using a fingernail cutting supplied by you, our device will access your DNA Quantumly and deliver a gentle but highly effective system flush which will include Heavy metal detox, Liver flush, Kidney Function Activation. Intestinal Toxin Flush, Blood Cleaner and Lymphatic activation to name but a few.  This will be a custom-made program devised around your body's needs and responses to the Detox.


The Best Quantefrē Package: 


To maximise what Quantefrē Coaching can achieve for you, we recommend a 52-week program.  It is designed to be a life and workplace recalibration at every level.   We cannot change the world around us, but neuroplasticity allows us to deliver completely different outcomes by changing how we see and interact with that world .


We recommend a 52 week program, but have also seen results with our 26-week program. 


What you can expect to achieve from the 52-week program:


Coaching in the Quantum Field will increase your ability to access solutions energetically rather than cognitively, allowing you to get the best potential outcome in the most difficult situations.These approaches will reset your thinking and your being over time allowing you to hardwire your neurological pathways to make them your habitual way of existence. 


Utilising tools I have developed that draw on breakthroughs in neuroscience and explore methods I have successfully used to reverse my terminal cancer diagnosis, we will look at who you are and who you want to become, to create a version of you that lives in peace and contentment.  You can change and neuroscience is proving you can, it's easy when done in the quantum field.


From a holistic perspective, the human body is pure energy.  Biologically our bodies operate best in an alkaline state.  Energetically our bodies operate best with full cellular voltage which equates to energy. Quantefrē Coaching will open up this arena for you to see how you can optimise this.  You will learn how to keep your cell voltage up and take regular energy audits to see where you are spending your energy resource and how you can alter those choices for better outcomes.


Through the 3-pronged approach of the Zoom session, Quantum Biofeedback and Remote Systematic Detox, in a 52-week period you will see a complete change in your health, thinking, interpersonal engagements, wealth and well-being allowing you to feel content and peaceful in your work and life choices.

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