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Executive Coaching

Welcome to QuantefrēTM

We are the premier destination for individuals seeking quantum, mindful, holistic coaching techniques utilising neuroplasticity for exponential results.

QuantefrēTM Executive Coaching

We are Quantum  |  We are Technology  |  We are Frequency

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Quantefrē Coaching offers a truly unique coaching experience through Lindy Strong's innovative integration of executive coaching, neuroplasticity tools, quantum techniques and groundbreaking frequency technologies. This integrated approach delivers tangible benefits for clients seeking professional and personal growth.


Through her 25+ years of experience and insights together with her recent journey of reversing a terminal cancer diagnosis, Lindy has developed a coaching style that goes beyond the typical executive coaching model. Her methodology emphasizes mental, emotional, physical, and energetic development in a holistic way.


If you're ready to propel your growth , Quantefrē Coaching can help you. Book a session today to learn more. 

Why coach with me?


I have spent 25 years working in various arenas developing my own tools and coaching techniques that are completely unique.

What does my method do?

  1. Emphasizes greater self-awareness, helping you gain insights into your thought patterns, emotions and behaviours allowing you to harness them for success.  

  2. Unlock keys that will show you how to work more efficiently with your colleagues, especially those you find challenging.

  3. Assists in setting and achieving goals.

  4. Helps manage stress, improve emotional resilience, and experience inner peace.

  5. Provides new perspectives and approaches to problem-solving.

  6. Rebalances the energy in your body to enhance performance with no effort from you.

  7. Improves mental clarity, stamina, and overall health through remote detoxing.

What to Expect with Our Sessions 


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50 Minute Zoom
Coaching Session

The Quantum Field is an energy field where all information is accessible. This Coaching trains you to access the quantum field for solutions and to open neural pathways to uncover personal insights. Eradicating subconscious limitations and blockage will help you achieve goals. Quantum field practices will bring brain and heart coherence resulting in inner peace. Quantefre Coaching will not only improve your business but also improve your health, family life and your well-being.  It is a truly holistic coaching package.

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Remote Quantum
Biofeedback Session

These sessions utilise a specialist device to analyse and rebalance the body's energy using sophisticated software algorithms and biofeedback measurement.  This technology uses spectral voice analysis and energetic picture analysis to measure energetic imbalances in the body. By generating square wave and sine wave tones specific to your body's needs, the signal will trigger the body's own healing mechanism to activate. Using the Schuman Wave field as a carrier wave, this technology rebalances the body remotely. We will coach you through these findings and help you work smarter with your internal energy.

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Remote System Detox

Using a fingernail cutting supplied by you, our device will access your DNA Quantumly and deliver a gentle but highly effective system flush which will include Heavy metal detox, Liver flush, Kidney Function Activation. Intestinal Toxin Flush, Blood Cleaner and Lymphatic activation to name but a few.  This will be a custom-made program devised around your body's needs and responses to the Detox.


Quantefrē Package Pricing

Executive Coaching 
(Minimum of Three months)

4 Sessions per month —
$10,000 per month

6 months at 10% discount —
$9,000 per month

12 months at 20% discount —
$8,000 per month

Watch Lindy Strong speak about QuantefrēTM Coaching.

Book a Discovery Session to see if this is a fit for you...


Breakthrough Anchor
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Corporate Training

Quantefre is changing the workplace culture & equipping your team for personal growth.


Here are just a few testimonies from some of our wonderful clients. 

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Serenity Recuperative Care

Dr. Candace Benton

Whether you are looking for individual opportunities to grow, fine-tune, develop your executive team, or work with your frontline staff, Lindy Strong has the tools and expertise to execute with excellence.

Lindy came to run a Corporate Retreat and gave our Executive Team some of the ground-breaking tools that she has developed. These have the ability to create a trajectory towards greater achievement and are the building blocks for corporate success.

She is straightforward, concise, and effective. Engaging Lindy to coach some of our team helped grow, organise, and strengthen the company which was an intelligent corporate move.

She is excellent at finding what isn’t working, what needs to be replaced or rebuilt, and how to move the team forward with minimal interruptions to the daily flow. It is genius and brilliant what she is able to deliver to enhance your team.

Testi - David_Hickson_Retouch copy.jpg

Founder Give Foundation

Dave Hickson


Lindy is a direct and clear thinker, uniquely gifted to see straight through a situation to identify root causes and is able to implement actionable steps, setting a critical path to positive change. 

Her ability to understand both the commercial and personal side of things sets her apart, and because of this she a brilliant team builder, able to find and refine the excellence in individuals so that collectively, teams can flourish.


Another element that sets Lindy apart is her complete investment in seeing people excel and surpass their own expectations, both corporately and personally.

Lindy Strong is not just a business consultant, she is a catalyst for positive transformation. I wholeheartedly endorse Lindy and her consultancy, and I believe that anyone fortunate enough to work with her will experience a remarkable journey toward excellence.

Testi - Stephanie copy.jpg

CEO Zoe Life
(UK & South Africa)

Dr. Stephanie Thomas

When evaluating any company, my first thought is to scrutinise the character of the Directors, as their character will flow into every aspect of the business — setting the tone and service standards at every level. Lindy Strong makes this type of evaluation very simple.

She has a lifelong, traceable history of transparency and ethics. She is unwavering in her adherence to the highest of values and understands that relational currency far outweighs financial currency.


Her ability to provide each client with exactly what they need is carefully curated. She generously draws from her vast, past corporate and personal experience, intuitively assesses her clients’ precise current needs and then accesses the quantum context to provide accurate and visionary strategies and solutions.

Expect to be taken to another level of your potential with a trusted, caring and highly gifted Company.


Author, Investor, Advisor, Entrepreneur
Equality Group

Hephzibah Pemberton


Lindy has been instrumental in guiding me through some critical strategy and business decisions. She has a finely tuned intuitive approach that cuts through the noise and helps you trust your inner voice.


Founder & President

C8 Consultants

Sean Chandler


Lindy's knowledge and instincts are incredible. I received unbelievable results, direct instruction, and feedback that have positively impacted me, my team, and our business from our first coaching session.

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